Automated Electrolyte Analyzer - 

Some facts :

1. Multi parameter estimation of Electrolytes.

2. No dilution of samples – Direct ISE technology.

3. Direct results from the sample without any chance of errors.

4. Temperature Compensation Factor (TCF) is calculated in Enlite to ensure correct pH & Ca value.

5. Every 10˚change in temperature =change of pH ~0.1.

6. System self testing is done when the unit is switched on.

7. Calibration – Auto-calibration is done after self test to check for accuracy & precision.

8. 1 point calibration after every 10 tests.

9. 2 point calibration after every two 1 point calibrations or every 4 hours or at user defined intervals

10. Electrolyte Linearity Control material provided.

11. Controls allow checking of results and ensure accuracy of results.

12. 2 way (bi-directional) washing in clock wise & anti clockwise direction ensures proper cleaning of sample pathway & prevents carry over.

13. This ensures that you get accurate results even with lipemic samples.

14. Ideal for laboratories / ICUs / ERs.

15. Low sample volume - Sample Aspiration volume:150 uL (normal test) Useful in case of pediatric & geriatric patients where sample drawn is less.

16. iCa is important for clinical diagnosis. Enlite gives accurate report for Total & ionic calcium ensuring correct diagnosis.

17. Stores up-to 1000 records, Can search within the records with patient Ids.

18. Test results of 5 parameters in 30 secs.

20. Room Temperature storage of Calibrates, Easy, Hassle free storage. Doesn’t take up any extra space in refrigerator.

21. All calibrates and waste solution is contained in a single disposable pack for safety & convenience
Compact fully sealed reagent pack - No handling of wastes.

22. Single plug-in cartridge makes it easy to change reagent pack. 870 ml Reagent pack
Cal A : 650 ml
Cal B : 200 ml
Cleaning Solution : 20 ml
Waste container : 1500 ml capacity

23. Power failure protection to avoid data loss.

24. Useful in Indian conditions & ideal for rural customers. Reagent inventory management software present.

25. Comprehensive Service menus - Hints for common trouble shooting available with step-by-step user prompts. In case of emergency customer can try to check common troubleshooting to decrease downtime/assist in rectification.                  

Pack Size :

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