Glucose Hexokinase

Glucose Hexokinase

Features of Glucose Hexokinase

  1. Autopure Glucose (Hexokinase) is a ready-to-use, two liquid reagent system.
  2. CDC Reference Method for glucose estimation.
  3. TAT for HK method is less as compared to GOD method. This is because GOD is specific for β-D-glucose and hence requires extended incubation for complete mutarotation.
  4. HK method is more accurate because the coupling reaction using glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PDH) is highly specific.
  5. HK/G6PDH coupled reaction is subjected to less interference than GOD/POD coupled reaction.
  6. No significant interference by endogenous chemical substances like ascorbic acid, uric acid, creatinine and glutathione.
  7. Autopure Glucose (Hexokinase) is a reagent kit for quantitative determination of glucose concentration in human serum or plasma based on Hexokinase method.
  8. Autopure Glucose (Hexokinase) is a ready-to-use, two liquid reagent system.
  9. With Autopure Glucose (Hexokinase), the assay is linear upto 600 mg/dL.

On-Board Reagent Stability - Once opened, the reagents are stable up to 60 days at 2° - 8° C, if protected from light and contamination. Open bottle stability may vary from analyzer to analyzer. Do not freeze the reagent.

Shelf life - Unopened reagents are stable till the expiry date indicated on the label, when stored at 2°- 8°C and protected from light.

Pack Size : R1: 4 x 40 ml R2: 4 x 10 ml

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